Audrey Gachet Gift Card can only be used at, are redeemed by using your gift card code at checkout and have a validity of 12 months from the date of purchase.

Gift Cards are excluded from all sales. Gift Cards are not physical cards, and are instead sent via email with a unique code. Once payment has been made the gift card will be emailed to the nominated email address. It is the purchasers and recipients' responsibility to ensure that the nominated email address is correct. We cannot be held responsible for any incorrectly emailed, lost, stolen or deleted gift card email or code.

From time to time gift card can get caught up in spam filters – it is up to the recipient to check these filters. We cannot take responsibility for gift cards that cannot be delivered due to fire walls, spam filters, capacity of recipients mailbox or any other factors out of our control.

Only one Gift Card can be redeemed per transaction.

If the value of the transaction is less than the value of the gift card after checkout the outstanding balance will be shown on screen which can used for future purchases within the 12 month period. If the value of the transaction is more than the value of the gift card the recipient can use their credit card to pay the difference. Gift cards cannot be redeemed for cash.

The unique code that came with the Gift Card must be entered at the time of redemption. We are unable to refund any Gift Card purchases.
Gift Cards are non refundable product.

If you experience any technical difficulties or have lost your gift card, please contact and provide the invoice number for the transaction.