Audrey Gachet’s designs are inspired by her love of nature, the beach and the sea. After growing up in a small village in south west France, where she spent most of her time painting in her artist mother’s studio, Audrey is now based in Sydney. She designs a range of luxurious homewares, including cushions and prints, as well as feminine accessories such as clutch purses. Her unique pieces are handcrafted entirely in Sydney, with a focus on sustainability and fine materials.

An accomplished painter, the designer enjoys working with watercolour to build up delicate shades and fine details. Many of her designs feature entrancing images of birds, tropical plants and dream-like jungle scenes. They contrast vivid colour with monochrome imagery, creating a sensual experience by pairing fabrics such as wool and silk with the smooth tactility of Portuguese cork. Audrey’s hand-painted watercolour designs are characterised by their flowing sense of tranquillity, elegant yet contemporary, blending the classic style of France with the modernity of Sydney.

Beautifully styled, her limited edition designs bring a gorgeous natural ambience to any home or wardrobe.

Australian Chic with a French Touch.